Aluminium is a non-ferrous metal and has the ability to be extruded into profiles which are strong enough to withstand fabrication processes by which your standard windows and doors are made.It is further improved by the anodisation and electro coating methods which will give a lustrous sheen or provide a rainbow of colours thereby giving architects freedom of blending them with the aesthetics of the building.

A window creates elegance and style to the house and adds light to the interior. It also provides a very necessary barrier to the external weather elements and yet is aesthetic enough to give the fenestration on appealing look.All the above needs to be part and parcel  of any window but at the same time it has to be a utility with durability.Recognising the necessary ability of a window to perform, we came up with a profile that beats all others.

We developed the 100mm three trackfully intergrated subframe and made extensive use of weatherstripping in firebrush to ensure a dust and whistling wind noise prevention.We also incorporated a failprrof corner joint system with riveted full width angle clamp.

A special pvc button plug is used to seal off the sash holes effectively preventing spiders and cockroaches from making nests within the sashes.

The introduction of a mosquito fly screen sash for the  siding windows is a new concept especially useful for the coastal regions and this can easily be provided with our system.A very special feature of the 052 series is the 40mm architrave which forms an overlapping border all around the perimeter of the window and creates a picture frame look from within and at the same time totally seals of any gaps left due to uneven and broken plastering.


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