About Fairdeal Glass

Glass-A material made from soda lime silica combination became the most versatile product enabling architects to let their imaginations know no bounds. Lighting up larger and larger spans called for a stronger and more optically clear glass.

Like steel, glass can become almost 10 times stronger with tempering process whereby a pane of glass is heated in a controlled manner up to almost melting point, when it is scientifically quenched with blasts of cool air, thereby causing opposing and a balanced compression stress within an equal surface tension outside. Such glass opened up possibilities of “frameless” applications.

We have opened up the vistas for the designer by stocking, processing and installing various types of glass and allied products:

Plate glass “float” quality
In 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/7mm/8mm and 10mm thicknesses.
Available in clear, tinted, obscured.
Reflective and colored.
Safety laminated and double glazed.
Mirrors and wire reinforced glass.
Beveled and polished edges for table tops.
Security glass for cashiers and bank counters.



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